Domain name transfer statuses explained

If you are a Naja7host customer and you have ordered a domain name transfer to us, you can check the status of the transfer from your Naja7host Customer Area > My Account Section.

Here is an explanation of each domain transfer status:

Pending - Your transfer has failed and we are now waiting for your assistance to restart it. Most probably either your Authorization code was incorrect, or your domain is still locked with the current registrar. Please check your client email for more information or contact us for assistance.

Pending Owner Approval - In case you did not submit your domain Authorization code (EPP) during the transfer order or the EPP you provided was incorrect, we may restart the transfer without it. In this case our registrar will send you an approval email to the administrative email address for the domain. You need to follow the instructions in that email in order to approve the transfer. If your domain is on Pending Owner Approval, this means we are still waiting for you to approve the transfer.

Pending Registry Approval - Your transfer order has been submitted to our registrar with valid Authorization code (EPP) and we are now waiting for final confirmation from the previous registrar and the registry before the transfer is complete. There is nothing you need to do, just wait patiently until the transfer goes through.

Declined - Your transfer order has been declined by either the domain owner or the previous registrar.

Cancelled - Your transfer order has been cancelled by SiteGround. If you did not request cancellation of this domain transfer, please contact us for more information.

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