Why Choose us ?

Service Quality

We're thirsty for innovation and we're constantly thinking of ways to improve our service in every possible way. time by time we introduce a new features .

Epic Support

Naja7host company have been in the web hosting industry since 2005, we have tremendous knowledge achieved from being involved in the industry.

Uptime 99,99%

You deserve to get what you have paid for. you can be sure that we're using the best in technology & High Quality hardwares.

Money-Back Guaranted

Naja7host Offer a 30-day Money Back, if you are unhappy with our web hosting services within the money back period you may cancel at any time and we will refund your money.


Naja7host company takes all necessary measures to secure its servers, which helps prevent the penetration of client accounts. In all hosting plans, we also provide cPanel's leading control panel. In addition to the latest technologies and programs used in protection. We also provide the ability to back up data to retrieve it when needed.


As your website grows, you need to upgrade your hosting resources and switch to a bigger and stronger plan. With Al-Najah Host, you will be able to upgrade with one click without data migration or waiting time, and without stopping the site from working. Most importantly, you will only pay the difference between the two plans.

Browser Compatibility

All of our services and control panels that we provide to clients are compatible with all internationally known browsers.

Free Scripts & App

All hosting plans without exception, they have a free script installer with one click. We also offer our beginners and even professional clients various designs at cheaper rates.

OS Compatibility

The first global choice for website owners that contain audio and video clips, fully controlled servers with unlimited traffic, with the ability to install any Windows or Linux system.

Complet Services

Naja7host company provides you with all the services you need in the field of websites and applications, including free website migrations, website and application development and design, search engine optimization services and many other services.