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Join the millions of entrepreneurs that bring their ideas to life not just on the net, but on .NET! The .NET domain is the choice of startups and small businesses alike who want to create a successful online presence. Buying a .NET domain gives you the same reach as .COM - .NET domains are recognized around the world, making your website easy to find and remember. Become a part of one of the fastest growing domains; buy .NET today!

The .NET domain is one of the original generic top-level domains (gTLDs) released in 1985. Although the .NET domain was originally intended for networking technologies, it was never restricted and today it is seen as a great alternative to .COM for both personal and professional websites. It is the third most popular domain after .COM and Germany's country code domain (ccTLD) .DE. Get your .NET!

Période Enregistrement Renouvellement Transfert Restauration
1 An 150.00Dh 150.00Dh 150.00Dh 1,700.00Dh
2 Années 300.00Dh 300.00Dh 300.00Dh N/A
3 Années 450.00Dh 450.00Dh 450.00Dh N/A
4 Années 600.00Dh 600.00Dh 600.00Dh N/A
5 Années 750.00Dh 750.00Dh 750.00Dh N/A
6 Années 900.00Dh 900.00Dh 900.00Dh N/A
7 Années 1,050.00Dh 1,050.00Dh 1,050.00Dh N/A
8 Années 1,200.00Dh 1,200.00Dh 1,200.00Dh N/A
9 Années 1,350.00Dh 1,350.00Dh 1,350.00Dh N/A
10 Années 1,500.00Dh 1,500.00Dh 1,500.00Dh N/A
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  • Période de grâce de Renouvellement

    40 Jours

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    5 Jours

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    30 Jours